Monday, March 19, 2012

pubble people

We where asked to do a mural for Leo Nickerson, a school in st.Albert the students are now good friends of ours:)a mural I love to do in a style I call the pubble people, this came from something I used to make when I was 8yrs old, I would cut these paper dolls and color different outfits and costumes, then I would carefully hide them around the house in hope my mother would find them while she clean up, they even appeared in cookie jars, dads sports coats, ect. now that I have kids I know my parents played it up, saying arr those pubble people are every were how do they get there, making me want to hide more. it turns out that the word pubble is an old Irish word for congregation, st. Patrick used to preach to the pubble of Ireland

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