Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St.Albert childerns mural

This is by far the most important panel in the mural, with out this panel the whole mural will falls apart, the composition depends on this piece, this is the piece that your eye will constantly go to, and this is the piece that ties all other piece together.

Oh did I mention being 2012 this is the piece that will probably bring the end of the world if not done right.... truth be known I look at every painting this way, asked my wife what its like living with me.

Since we are now unveiling the mural at the children's festival I thought this could be one of the panel that celebrates this awesome festival, I did a number of drawing, the one i choose was a figure wearing the children's fest logo, plus this one worked best with the shape on the board .

Because this board was going to get allot of attention I wanted to use my brother Paul as the model, being the unsung, shy guy of muralmosic, and honor him for all he dose with the murals. plus he's the only guy here.

finished painting, "I have him wearing a burger king hat if your wondering"

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