Wednesday, May 9, 2012

panle 80

This is one of the panel that has to be done with the utmost
care and subtleties, as one can clearly see the portion
in which the panel comes from.

 this sketch I did on my computer

drawing on the panel 

 finale painting

Thursday, April 12, 2012

panel #99

Celebration Garden is a wonderful example of functioning art, first of all its a great place to enjoy with its beautiful flower arrangements and pathways over looking the river. the benches are fantastic sculptors with some of them representing nature, my most favorite part is the water fountain I believe all great cities must have water fountains to be great and the one in this garden is no exception with its modern style and butterflies appertains make this park one of my faves.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

panel 78

This panel has very little shape or lines in it, as long as I paint the whole board with a constant hue of warm colors, I should be able to paint anything.
A person smelling flowers always comes up as a theme for me. This is a painting I did years ago as part of the land of Nod story. Not just smelling one flower but shoving your whole face into the earth.

This painting was for a children's book "bellwethers message"
The final painting! She looks more like she is going to eat the flowers, oh well... With this kind of board you need to be careful of the light on the face, keeping the value between the strongest light and the darkest brown no more then the 80/20% rule ( meaning 80% of the board is covered with 20% variation.)

Monday, April 2, 2012

panel 26

Back in the good old days of Fleuri Perron, the sturgeon river was like the French Riviera with large picnics and strolls, there where swimming clubs and boating/canoe clubs, tug-a-war contests. Everyone dress there Sunday best.
This painting is dedicated to Dr. Giroux's wife, the charming Alice Giroux, she was the closest person to a high society woman and was responsible for hosting many out door functions.

panel 97

I love animation and wish I had more time to do it, so to kill the craving, here, I imagine a St.Albert character that works at the Enjoy Center. She is trying to fullfill Jim Holes life long dream of being a "Carrot Baron."