Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the Arden..more panels

The St.Albert place is also home of the Arden theater, I want to share some outstanding painting which are dedicated to the preforming arts.
Artist: Sylvia Leschyshyn

Artist: Elena Dumansky

Artist: Carol Bedingfield

Artist:Barbara Would Schaefer

Artist:Sylvia Leschyshyn

Artist: Pearl Der

Artist: Carol Brown

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

more awesome panels

Artist: Harold Skinner

The St. Albert place and city hall is onto its self a work of art. There are no corners; only curves Designed by world-renowned Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal. Built in 1984 two years after I got out of highshool, I rember my frist time going there it was with my dad, and visiting the new library, I remember being so impresed and proud to have this building in my home town.
Artist: Bonnie Hood

Artist: Sonja Voigt

Monday, March 26, 2012

more awesome panels

artist: Francesca Cammaratta
Frankie is one of the newest artist to join in on the project, I know the boards are quit intimating but she has truly captured a wonderful spirit for the city of St. Albert in this board.

here's another of my favorites, "Mya Kurpjuweit" (she has painted before in the Alberts Bouquet) she really follows the shapes and colors and adds all kinds of surprises in here work.

Artist: Corey Smith

Corey Smith
I love this painting theres humor, awesome colors and something so Canadiana about this one

Friday, March 23, 2012

panel highlights

here are some of the painting done by the artis in the mural. I will add more later or you can go the the web site to see more

Jeannette Sommers

Jeannette Sommers

Heidi Alther

Igor Postash

Igor Postash

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St.Albert childerns mural

This is by far the most important panel in the mural, with out this panel the whole mural will falls apart, the composition depends on this piece, this is the piece that your eye will constantly go to, and this is the piece that ties all other piece together.

Oh did I mention being 2012 this is the piece that will probably bring the end of the world if not done right.... truth be known I look at every painting this way, asked my wife what its like living with me.

Since we are now unveiling the mural at the children's festival I thought this could be one of the panel that celebrates this awesome festival, I did a number of drawing, the one i choose was a figure wearing the children's fest logo, plus this one worked best with the shape on the board .

Because this board was going to get allot of attention I wanted to use my brother Paul as the model, being the unsung, shy guy of muralmosic, and honor him for all he dose with the murals. plus he's the only guy here.

finished painting, "I have him wearing a burger king hat if your wondering"

HEART fundraiser

I was down in Calgary this weekend painting for an awesome charity called HEART, there work with kids over in the Ukraine, and I have come to love this group who change thousands of live for the better. The painting manage to raise six grand!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

pubble people

We where asked to do a mural for Leo Nickerson, a school in st.Albert the students are now good friends of ours:)a mural I love to do in a style I call the pubble people, this came from something I used to make when I was 8yrs old, I would cut these paper dolls and color different outfits and costumes, then I would carefully hide them around the house in hope my mother would find them while she clean up, they even appeared in cookie jars, dads sports coats, ect. now that I have kids I know my parents played it up, saying arr those pubble people are every were how do they get there, making me want to hide more. it turns out that the word pubble is an old Irish word for congregation, st. Patrick used to preach to the pubble of Ireland

pubble people

this was the first image i pick because of the name of the school (Leo) later I thought the wizard of Oz caricatures, the lion stands for "Courage" the tin man stands for "heart" which this school has tons of, and the scarecrow stands for wisdom or "knowledge"

The mural is 8 feet high and 12 feet long we use over 900 tiles to do it so each students gets to paint 2 two 3 tiles each.( lots of great little artist) every one from kindergarten to grade sixes and adult teachers. cool to see the variety of styles and subjects.

Friday, March 16, 2012

coffee table book

Phil Alain and myself went down to Calgary for the MRU book launch of the mural,(called, Work Of Art) The book used the paintings to tell the history of the school and honor certain individuals who helped build this wonderful place

Mount Royal university had all the art in this stunning mural publish in a beautiful coffee table book, nothing but class from this school, they sell the book on campus if you wish to get one.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

mount royal University

here are more painting from the MRU mural.

Title:Sid Marty

Title:lobster man Rodney Clark
Ralph Klein

ode to Maxfeild Parrish

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mount Royal University

Myself, Phil Alain, Paul my brother and over a hundred artist from the Mount Royal University worked on this fantastic mural mosaic
(heres where you can see a list of the artist
sorry bad phone camera I will put up some better res later
mural as seen from the front entrance a Mount Royal University (great little reception 300 guest)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ted talks

Back in November I had my big chance to do a ted talks, and man did I blow it,
here's how it went! the first half I would paint frailty I was going to paint an old man skeleton like but because I was nervous I jumped the que in the music and never finished the first half of the painting, then it went down hill from there, BIG DISASTER, you can watch for fun... I don't think they will be inviting me back :(

Monday, March 12, 2012

live painting cont.(youcan fundrasier)

on Saterday I was asked to do a live painting for "YouCan" organized by Kyle Dube, great guy. he gave me some key words to focus on "transformation relations," "getting out of harms way" the only image that came to my mind was an elephant being led down a path.

It was actioned off by Alberta's music legion Danny Hooper (raised over $4000) awsome danny

Friday, March 9, 2012

live painting

Its has been too long since i lasted updated,(fall of last year)
I have been derailed after starting the st, Albert mural,
lots have been happening, I will fill you in on some of it , manage to make some cool art
I will add more picks this week
here is a bunch of live paintings I did around the Edmonton area mostly for Christmas party's
sorry about the resolution I took the photos with my phone

this painting was done for an employment fundraiser called "giving a hand up,"