Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creating Panel 150

This was my demo board for the work shop on Tuesday.
I picked board #150 to commemorate St. Albert's 150th anniversary.

The board is a pretty boring warm grey color and has a dark line to the left corrner.

We had a great group of artists show up... (a bit intimidating)

The painting I wanted to do was the mission chapel with a Catholic Priest playing a violin (or fiddle)

Keeping in the mostly warm grey hues...

The finished panel #150
Lacombe Mission Chapel "that gave birth to the City of St. Albert"


  1. Hello Lewis...wish I could have seen a demo, maybe someday...what medium are you using? Great painting!


  2. Lewis is a wizard as always! Thanks for the demo.

  3. Hey Lewis!
    Fabulous work this weekend!!
    I just viewed the Cultivate Life Mural to see where my panel is situated. 151 is immediate right of this one. I am a little perplexed since my base colour is so much lighter and warmer than the way this panel started. How far can I go with it and not mess up the overall image?
    Glad I hadn't gotten to painting yet.
    Thanks Kim